Rockwell Makati

 Power Plant Cinema (Makati) Look, I am still in my scrub suit. All the way from work :)


 Friends for life

 The Pacific Rim

Fabulous Jinkee

It was an unexpected meeting, unplanned nevertheless it was worth spending time with a good friend. We had a bonding moment watching The Pacific Rim, we indulged ourselves in shopping (Mango Shade and Lacoste Shoes). She treats me, I am also blessed to have her as my friend. She always make me feel special every time we meet up. 

It was my first time in Rockwell Makati, as Jinkee said the place is like you are being taken into another country. She mentioned about Abu Dhabi, the structure is like Abu Dhabi Mall. You can find every "lavish shops"  (nine west, lacoste, mango, zara, armani, and etc) in short this is the place for the rich people. 

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