Meeting @ The Legend Villas

 The Legend Villa (Mandaluyong)
The Meeting was held at The Legend Villas in Mandaluyong. It was a "dry-run" for our case. 

 the coalition
we are now friends and very close with each other. It's like family. 
 with Cong. Omar Fajardo

 Meeting on going

 with Atty. Paul Sanggalang

with KAMPI President Mr. Luther Calderon

After the meeting we decided to dropped by in Robinson Forum. Hannah treat us lunch as her birthday gift for me together with Mr. Edward Era. It was a meaningful conservation and intimates ones because we shared many things in our lives. Inspirations, frustrations, fear and others.

 I love this girl! She's so meek and humble in spite of her status in life

Thank you Lord for giving me friends that will inspires me more.

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