Saturday, March 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Kleng

Happy Birthday Kleng, I am wishing you all the best in life. We may not like as we were before, but I want you to know you are special to me. You hold a very important place in my life not because you've part of my past rather you are one of the reason why I am having a blast in my studies.

You inspired be to strive more and be the best person I can be. You helped me realized that dreams do come true. Your family is my safe haven and they remain my strength when I see roadblock in my path. They showered me with so much loved and concerned.

Our path will definitely cross again. I am certain it will happen soon, and when that time comes I will embrace you tight and give you the best hug I could ever give to let you know inside me is our cherished memories that will stay for the rest of my life.

I am now into relationship. Whatever mistakes and pain I had with you, it remain my constant remainder that I can do better. They say, every relationship is different from each other. I admit I was not brave enough to fight for my feelings for you but looking back giving up into our relationship is one of the best decision I ever made. You are right in telling me, I should give up because I am carrying so much pain and hate but at that time I was fully blinded with so called love not realizing I am fully consumed by you and I put aside who really I am.

Sorry, I did not fulfilled my promise. I did not wait for you to come back. Sorry, I turned my back but I want you to know you are forgiven. Let's forgive each other in every sense of the word. I tried calling you last night to greet you, but perhaps the angel has its own way in controlling me not to.

Someone just proposed to me in skype, he asked my hand for marriage. I saw the ring and he'll come to the Philippines soon. Marriage had been my struggled with you, although you had given me ring already but you CAN'T make it to the altar because of your legal status. Right now, I am happy that someone is investing on me and man enough to prove that his love can lead to church wedding.

I am indebted in you. I appreciate all your help. I hope someday I can repay it by paying it forward. I still misses you a lot. I still cherish all the good things we had. I still read your love letters and your pictures are still on my bed side but when my fiance comes I will place it in my drawer or wallet. I will never throw it away because you mean a lot to me.

I wish you good luck. I hope you'll find someone that will love you for who you are. I miss you. I miss your sons too.

God Bless!

Good bye!

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