Seafood Island Restaurant @ Robinson Magnolia

 "A true friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out"

 Kahit sa restaurant sinusundan ako ng pasyente. hahaha

 He is like a younger brother to me that I've never had.

 Blessings are pouring

The Food, we ordered "tali beach" includes grilled chicken, inasal big bbq, steamed white shrimps, grilled tilapia, grilled tahong, crabs, grilled squids, grilled tomatoes, lato, pakwan, mangga and with steamed rice.

It was fun. We liked the food so much and planning to come back soon. After we had lunch, we went for a movie theater to watched IRON MAN. As expected, we waited in a long line of moviegoers but it was worth it. 

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Sorry ate...all photos are deleted and i don't have a backup. hays!

parang nakita kita ngayon sa WCC or baka di ikaw un lol

@empi, it's okey. ibig sabihin "lalapang tau jn ulit" hahaha

@bino, ako nga un, pmnta ako ng WOrldwide Corporate Center kagabi. kumain ako sa Tramway. nagfofood tripping kc ako kht mag-isa. haha