Where To Begin?

Crazy feeling,
is chasing my early morning,
I am getting insane,
for all the things that keeps on coming,
a mystery of my existence.

I may be falter,
I may be fall,
I may be dismantle,
I may be broken,
But I will fight for the truth.

My heart is beating,
Keeps me awake the whole night,
Many questions remain unanswered,
Yet the unspoken silence,
Is the answer i want to keep.

I want to believe that all were ploy,
That everything happened for a reason,
But sometimes the own reason,
Is behind my knowledge which i can't comprehend.

When i speak, someone will say its a lie,
When i am quiet, they will say im a loser,
When i fight, someone say i'm too low,
When i ignore the whole scenario,they still makes me bleed,
Now, what the best thing to do?

For the spirit of good friendship,
I will leave the wound open,
Time can tell when it would be heal,
I don't know where to stop and where to begin,
But my heart longs for someone who would care.

(Note: photo grabbed from google)

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