My Felicity

 In this hustle-bustle world the word happiness is something comes to luxury.  It differs from the persons mental aspect, experience and environment on how he/she perceives happiness. There are times that we based our happiness in simplicity, some with material things and other by just having what they have. As the Webster dictionary states, Happiness is a pleasurable or satisfying experience.

What is felicity to me? How do I define happiness? Happiness for me is doing what I love without boundaries. It comes from my freedom of servitude, my free will because choosing is the first step in achieving what I really want that will satisfy my being. Now a day, there are huge population who has deprived of their rights. In my solemn time I always thought of them, what if I am also experiencing what they are been through? Would I become happy?

 What makes me happy? I am a family oriented person, anything about my family would make me feel happy. My family is my comfort zone. They are the ones who give me assurance that in spite of pain, failures, and disappointments, they’ll always be there for me.  When I see my mother happy and having a comfortable life,  that’s happiness. My closeness with my sibling is the solid foundation of who I am. They’re my safe haven and my sanctuary. The whole world can detest me but my family would remain my best ally.

 Happiness is also mean doing something worthwhile. Being a nurse is quite challenging but I embrace my work with determination, dedication and compassion. My desire to serve and be the best nurse I could be is very intense. Seing my patients in bed and be part of their healing process is priceless. It makes me happy and fulfilled when they expresses their satisfaction in my work. Their smiles touches my heart and give me assurance that I am doing great in my craft. I am redefining my purpose, rekindling the lost passion to serve, right now I am in a better place. I am a believer in volunteerism. Being part of Red Cross, and Philippine Animal Welfare Society is a dream come true in developing my growth. I am not just rediscovering my value but also reaching out to those who are unfortunate enough in our society.

  I am secure with my life now.I have peace of mind. Although from time to time I still feel the urge to strive harder but I am contented. I reach the point where I appreciate the life itself. My heart is full of love. My fiance is also one of the determining factors why I am happy. He always showed me a pure love and help me realized my dream by being supportive in my endeavors.

What could I ask for? I may not rich in material things but I am so blessed because God always open the doors of unending possibilities not only for myself but for my love ones.  

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